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Custom menu in 3ds Max

I prefer to have my custom tools attached to menu bars. Pretty much all apps have them unlike other UI features, shelves, toolbars, sidebars etc. So it’s a nice consistent┬áplace to put them.

This is how you build a custom menu on the main menu bar with maxscript. It is rebuilt every time 3ds Max starts up, making it easy to update and modify, locally or on a server to control lots of machines.

This file runs on startup, it loads the menu bar script, and the scripts ready to be attached to items on the menu.

This is the script that builds the custom menu. In this example it only adds one script, SRSave. This script was loaded (ready to be added to the UI) in the previous script.

That’s about all. For more info checkout menuMan in the maxscript help.

3ds Max Maxscript Help: Snippets

Here is a list of practical examples for the syntax of scripting in 3ds Max with it’s internal language, maxscript. This isn’t a tutorial and HOWTO script, but more of a reference of how to format commands.

I’ll continue to update this post as I go on as it’s a resource for me as much as anyone else, let me know if there are any useful additions!

Note also that the indenting isn’t necessary but I think it’s a good habit (and I mostly use Python which requires it)







Macroscript loader

Useful to load at startup, points at an updateable script


System access

In windows…

3ds Max plugins

Always good to keep your scripts and plugins seperate from the main install IF YOU CAN (max can be a lot of trouble with this, other applications are set up purposely in a much nicer way)

In the plugin.ini file, add a path for your custom scripts, under

The plugin.ini file used to be located in the install directory, I believe it has been moved to the user folder in later releases. ( I use 2010 at work and tend to use Softimage at home so I’m not 100%)
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2010\plugin.ini