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Photoshop Script: sr_SaveGroup

I’ve written a few handy photoshop scripts over the years and never got around to sharing them so I will try here and there.

I’ve used this, or variations of this script for years. To save out the various types of textures from one PSD, Diffuse, Glossiness, Bump, Specular, Reflection, Refraction Etc.

When you run the script it will save out a jpg based on the name of the PSD file and the GROUP you have selected.


Using groups like the example below. Running the script with the ‘Diffuse’ group selected will save out ‘Robot_Diffuse.jpg’ in the same location as the PSD file.

Also if there is a ‘Wire’ or ‘Wireframe’ layer at the top, it will be temporarily hidden during save.


Copy the script file into [photoshop install dir]/Presets/Scripts/ folder/.
And it will appear in File>Scripts -I’d recommend making a shortcut for it too from there.