Film4 Idents

During the summer of 2014 I worked on the visual effects at Analog on Film4’s new channel idents, directed by ManvsMachine. Analog helped figure out the limitations and possibilities of shooting something like this live action and where the mix of computer generated content should be used.

I worked in various roles in the team at Analog, as with most projects I had an impact on a range of shots, as did my fellow 3d and 2d artists.
In total there were 17 different idents. Not only 17 spots, but the film strip effect had to be rendered at normal speed in 3d and sped up in 2d for maximum control, flexibility and quality. This meant 1000’s of frames for each version.

So I spent much of my time trying to keep a smooth efficient workflow to ensure consistency, and help my colleagues.
One of my major tasks was the simulation and render of the room service trolley in the gravity shot. Using XSI, momentum, ICE, alembic, it worked out well.
Tim Woods simulated the piano (many many times) in Maya, which we imported into XSI with alembic pretty smoothly.


Concept, Design & Direction: ManvsMachine
Agency & Production Company: 4creative
Creative Director: Dan Chase (Channel 4)
Producer: Liz Arnott (Channel 4)
DoP: Alex Barber
Art Direction / Set Design: Simon Davies (UK) Max Orgell (US)
Post Production VFX: Analog
Colourist: Aubrey Woodiwss (Electric Theatre Collective)
Music Composition: Resonate



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