Honda Hands

Here is a job I recently worked on over Spring/Summer 2013 at Analog. We were brought in by Nexus to help them out with the commercial as it job very suited to our expertise. It was a pleasure to work with directors Smith & Foulkes together with agency Wieden + Kennedy.

I worked in a wide variety of areas,  modelling/shading/lighting/rendering and shoot supervision.
On the TD (as they say)  side, I also built python scripts and ICE compounds to handle large amounts of objects, geometry and external caches from 3dsmax to help the otherwise heavy work load go a bit smoother.

Although it is a one shot piece,  it was shot in many different segments which were stitched back together at various stages by the 2d team at Analog. Shots contained upwards of 5 passes per object, and 15 or so objects (cars/boats etc.), whose cache was being updated at nexus and being sent over  so managing all those objects efficiently was a vital challenge.

Read more on Analog’s website.


Creative directors: Tony Davidson & Kim Papworth
Copywriter: Chris Lapham
Art Director: Aaron McGurk
Producer: James Guy
Production company: Nexus
VFX & Animation: Analog & Nexus Productions
Director: Smith & Foulkes
Music + Sound: Factory & Siren
Physical Models : Andy Gent