Commercial by Analog, directed by Christian Bevilacqua .  I worked as a VFX supervisor in Shanghai. Part of my job was extensively surveying the extras so that we could recreate them in CG as they ‘rollercoasted’ (that is now a verb) around in the sky.

Back in London, as well as dipping in here and there, I mostly worked on the takeover shot as they initially leave the plane.

Director: Christian Bevilacqua
Production Company: Stink
Agency: Ogilvy
Visual Effects: Analog
DoP : Luis Branquinho
Colorist: Gabriele Peloso
Graphics: Fraser Davidson

Analog Team
VFX Supervisor: Arvid Niklasson, Simon Reeves
VFX Producer: Mike Turoff
3D: Mike Merron, Arvid Niklasson, Matt Chandler, Toby Winder, Simon Reeves & Stuart Turnbull
Compositing: Fabio Zaveti, Aitor Arroyo, Andre Dias
MattePainting : Ed Babb
Vfx editor : Pete Baxter