I made this script when I discovered a decent way to clean a curve so that I could make a bike chain in ICE. There is an operator called ‘reparametrize’ but that doesn’t do the job fully.
Also I have attached my ICE Compound to distribute points along a curve but that’s not entirely what this is about in case that has problems 🙂

For CLOSED curves this seems to be working very well, OPEN curves are more trouble but I added something in so the script will close it for you and you have to do some manual work after.
All is explained in the video above!

If you don’t have a Workgroup outside of the installation dir and your user (which changes every version of XSI) then I would recomment creating one.

For any of those options, the “sr_CleanCurve” python script should be extracted to:
And “sr_DistributePointsOnCurve.1.4.xsicompound” goes into:
\XSI_Workgroup\Data\Compounds\ (create this folder if it doesn’t exist)

Please ask any questions here, also try me on twitter.